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Tremp is the largest municipality in Catalunya covering an area of 310 square kilometres and has a current population of 6270 people. It sits at an altitude of 468m. The largest source of employment in the town is the service sector (66.7%), with 15.5% of the population working in the construction industry, 11.2% in light industry and now only 6.6% of the population work in agriculture. The first reference made to  Tremp (or Trimplo) was in 839 with the consecration of a church here. A Hospital of the Poor was founded in 1521, now used as the law courts. Work on the basilica of Tremp began in 1638 and was finished by 1701. It was granted the title of basilica by Pope Pius 12th in 1923.

Historically, the population of the town was recorded as the number of “fires”, or hearths, that’s to say homes. In 1378 Tremp was recorded as having 94 fires though by 1515 this had decreased to 77. By 1787 there were 1262 inhabitants growing to 2631 by 1887, a road having arrived at Tremp in 1880.

The old town of Tremp is surrounded by walled fortifications originally with 6 towers though only three now survive, one having been incorporated into Tremp’s museum. This old section of Tremp is now a pedestrianised shopping area occupied by small, traditional shops and the recently modernised council office as well as the basilica and the law court. The buildings are tall offering welcome shade in the summer.

The Rambla

A Rambla, or plane-tree lined avenue, was constructed outside  the town walls in 1923 and this forms the centre of the newer commercial area of Tremp. From spring through to autumn the central paved area is furnished with cafe tables and chairs belonging to each of the bars and cafes situated along the Rambla. Also outside the town walls are a number of plazas with fountains, numerous banks (with ATM machines), a post office and (smallish) supermarkets. Tremp has a lively market on Monday mornings when traditionally the people of the surrounding villages meet to swap gossip and in older times to trade. On the outskirts of the town is a small park planted with pines. An outdoor swimming pool is located here. Tremp also has a modern hospital and medical centre. One of the town’s hotels, the Siglo XX, has a swimming pool it allows patrons to use and another hotel just south of Tremp alongside the lake Terradets also permits the use of its pool to anyone eating in its cafe or restaurant. (The restaurant offers a self-service buffet lunch with wine and water, or other drink, included in the price for 10 euros plus VAT during the week with the price 50% higher at weekends).

The museum

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